Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cover Your Hair Review #2

Hey everyone! I am sad to say but this is my last blog post ever! I am just way too busy now and I wasn't planning on even doing this, but Cover Your Hair reached out to me and I agreed to just one more post. But thank you to everyone who made my blogging experience so amazing! I am really blessed to have gotten all the amazing opportunities I did over the past few years:) Just a huggggeeee thank you to everyone! Okay so, I just wanted to do a quick review for Cover Your Hair:) This is my second review with them and I am really happy! They sent me an adorable hair bow and the cutest scarf! Unfortunately I could not get pictures but I will say that they are super cute! They had fast shipping, products arrived in perfect condition, and they were overall an amazing company to review for. Please go check them out and purchase some items from them.

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THANK YOU COVER YOUR HAIR! Okay so I guess this is goodbye to all my blogging friends! We can always stay in touch with email: I love you all and so does God! Never forget that the Lord is with you and if you ever need to talk or need anything please email me!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentines Day

Hey girlies,

So I am like super excited for Valentines Day! I love this holiday because it is all about loving and caring for others which is what we are called to do as Christian girls already. Valentines Day is just a day where we are just a little extra loving and there is so much joy on V-day! I thought since I love this holiday and it is finally the month of Feburary I would do a post , so here it goes:)

P.S- None of these companies provided me with a free product and this is not a review or advertising for a sponsor! It is just all things I found on my own.

  • First, I want to give a shout out to one of my all time favorite Youtubers! Her name is Bethany Mota and her Youtube account is macbarbie07. Some of you may have seen her videos already since they have millions of hits but if you haven't please watch some and subscribe to her, because her videos are amazing. I thought it would be perfect to show you guys the first video in her Valentines day series.


  • Third, I wanted to do a mini devo! At youth group we are learning about love, dating, relationships, and sexual purity. So I learned from that some very important things I wanted to share with all of you! 

-Don't look to a man to fulfill anything in your life because in reality Jesus is the only one who can fill the gaping whole in your heart
-Do not settle for any man, and make sure he fits your "Godly standards"
-Your body is a temple that doesn't really belong to you, but belongs to the Holy Spirit. Do not just let any boy violate that, because then he is violating the Holy Spirit
-You should want a relationship where you have no walls up and your partner knows everything about you, but still loves you for who you are.

-A real gentlemen wants a girl to be better after interacting with them then they were before. It is their job to make sure a girl feels loved by them and not vulnerable.

So remember this Valentines day, it is not about being in a relationship with your boyfriend but it is about having a good relationship with the Lord. Make sure that if you are in a relationship it is a healthy and godly relationship and that the guy you are dating fits the standards God lays out for us in the Bible. Love one another and accept one another this Valentines Day and every day!

  • Okay so I found these amazing Best Friend Iphone Cases that would be a perfect gift for your bestie on Valentines Day. Link to buy them: 

  • Or for the non-Iphone people like myself you can get you and your best friend these cute shirts

  • Lastly, Jesus commands us to love each other so many times in the Bible and that is a huge part of any relationship,LOVE! That is why I love that there is a holiday that celebrates such a wonderful thing<3 about="" favorite="" is="" li="" love.="" my="" of="" one="" this="" verses="">

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love you all and happy Feb. 1st! Comment below what you are doing for Valentines Day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cute Love Necklace Review

Hey lovely readers! I just recieved the most beautiful necklace like ever from an adorable little Etsy shop called Bijjou {link:} Here is my review for this darling necklace...

Seller and Process:

     I originally found this shop while looking for a bow necklace. I chatted with the owner of this shop and asked her if she would sponsor me and send me the bow necklace. She very quickly responded and said that one was not available but generously offered any other item. I told her the Love necklace was so cute and so she sent me that one. She got a little busy and there was a slight delay but I totally understood since it was around Christmas and we all get busy! When I got it it had the cutest packaging and the necklace was in perfect condition. Love it<3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp"> Item:

This necklace first off is super well made! Its not cheap at all and excellent quality. It was very inexpensive too for such an amazing item and is now on sale for only $10. I think it is the perfect size and who doesn't love something that says "love" on it:) I know I "LOVE" it!

Overall rating- 5 out of 5

Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012!!

Best of 2012

Hola Amigos! Im being Spanish;) But anyway, since 2012 is drawing to an end I really wanted to do the Best of 2012 Tag! I added a few Christian catagories to this and just wanted to give you all my opinion on my favorite items of 2012. There are three catagories which are: Beauty, Fashion, and Random:) So here I go!


Face Product- Elf clarifying pressed powder in light beige
This is a foundation that provides so much coverage and it is very inexpensive! I really love putting this one and it feels so light and amazing on your skin:)
Cheek Product- Ulta Flush Cheek Color
I cant even explain how much I love this blush! It is the perfect color and it works for every season. It gives the natarul color to your cheek and really changes your whole look. Ulta Website-
Eye Products- Maybelline Falsies Volum Express Mascara/ Ulta Eye Shadow Quad in the colors Bone, Mystique, Expresso, and Gold Dust.
Okay so for the Mascara it is the most amazing mascara in the whole entire world. It doesn't get clumpy and it makes your eye lashes so long and beautiful. I would reccommend any Maybelline mascara after trying many other kinds! For the eye shadow I love it because it comes in 4 colors and is so easy to put on! All the colors look natarul and not too extreme and you have light natarul eye shadow that gives your eye a big POP!

Lip Product- Baby Lips/ Eos Lips
Okay so I am totally in love with both of these lip products!! Baby Lips comes in so many colors but it is not too bright and lip sticky it just gives your lips a shine and a tint of color and it feels soooo soft. Eos lips is like the most fun thing to put on ever. It comes in a little ball and you can put chapstick on both of your lips in one swipe. Also, it comes in many colors and it is only like $3-4.
Nail Polish/Product- Sally Hansen Nail Stickers
I know that the nail stickers by Sally Hansen isn't really polish but I still love them. They come in so many cute designs and are so simple to put on your nail! You can do your whole hand with stickers or only one finger and it still looks amazing!

Hair Product- Pantene Aqua Light Weighless Nourishment- Silicone-free Shampoo
My hair is very oily so this shampoo really helped it stay clean and oil-free longer! It is "weightless" and is stripped of all the acids or anything that makes your hair oily and it feels clean, fresh, and natarul!
Perfume-Viva la Juicy Perfume
This perfume smells amazing and the packaging is so cute! It is a little on the expensive side since it is from Juicy Couture but I still love it!


Clothing Item- Highlow Skirts
I have been obsessed with these skirts that are short in the front and long in the back! They are so cute and more modest than other skirts. Definitely love these!
Accessory- Flower Hair Bows/ Headwraps
Throughout the whole year of 2012 I have loved the flower hair clips, bobby pins, or whatever! Having a cute flower in your hair is amazing and goes with most every outfit! Headwraps have been fairly new to me but I still love them because they are so comfy and can cover up a bad hair day! They are also like so adorable!
Shoes- Toms 
Toms have been my favorite shoe all of 2012 because they are so cute, low profile, and comfortable! Plus they donate a pair of shoes to a poor child! I love all the cute designs and I got the snow leopard Toms for Christmas and they are soooo cute! I also have grey, pink sparkle, black sparkle, and green and love all of those! Toms Website:


Book- Hunger Games/ Pretty Little Liar Series
Hunger Games book is so amazing and from someone like me who doesn't love reading I LOVED this book! It is so well written and the perfect length to keep it interesting the whole book through. Pretty Little Liars books I discovered in Language Arts class and they are my new obsession! But warning once you start one you can't put them down! Im already on the 4th book!
Food- Bowl of Noodle Soup- Hot and Spicy Flavor
This soup is sort of like gormet top ramen! My friends who are Korean introduced me to this soup the begginning of this year and I still love it! It is also so easy to make you just fill with water and microwave for 3 minutes and you have an amazing meal:)

Drink- Starbucks Salted Carmel Frappachino/ McDonalds Chocolate Chip Frappachino
My obsession for 2012 has been frappachinos! I love them so much but my absolute favorites are those ones from Starbucks and McDonalds:) Please try them and you won't regret it

Song- Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammar
This one explains itself! Check out this song if you haven't heard it! Youtube Link:
Store- Tillys, Hollister, and TJ Maxx
These stores have cute clothes, and great prices!
TV Show- Dance Moms and Glee
I am a true Dance Moms fan! That show inspires me to be a better dancer and I love all the drama! (is that bad? lol) And Glee is amazing! It has a great message, diverse characters who I connect with, and amazing music and singing that is so entertaining.
Bible Verse- Proverbs 3:5-6
This is my life verse and this blogs theme verse so how can it not be the best of 2012?
Christian Devo Book- Truth and Dare Devo Book by Ann Margret Hovsepian 
This book was sent to me for free by my very first sponsor and I still read and enjoy it! Check out my review on it here

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season!!!

     Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I just wanted to do this post to remind us all not to get caught up in our gifts and getting stuff and not stop spreading love and cheer just because Christmas has passed! Jesus is why we celebrate and he is "the reason for the season"! Although Christmas is over it shouldnt mean we can go back to being selfish and greedy we should still give and be kind and joyous to everyone the whole year long:) Maybe bring some baked goodies over to a neighbor or give to someone you don't think has a good of Christmas as you did. Maybe you could donate some of the cash you got for Christmas to a charity or maybe to start the new year right by volunteering as a tutor, at a senoir center or just do your best to be helpful in your community! Some people do posts about what gifts they got for Christmas but I am going to share with you all the blessings I got for Christmas because I know without God none of this would be possible. He blesses me every day and these are just some of the many blessings I recieved on Christmas!


~I was blessed with getting to be with myfriends and family and having us all be together, happy, and healthy on Christmas

~I am blessed to have a break from school and time to relax and go places with friends and family.

~I am blessed to get to dance at my studio extra long over winter break!

~I am blessed for all the many gifts I recieved on Christmas. Such as a Droid, Hollister clothes, yoga pants, Victoria Secrets backpack, Toms, boots, dance clothes, giftcards, jewelry, hairbands, nail stuff, purses,laptop, and much more! Thank you Jesus and my parents:)

~I am blessed to have made other people happy with gifts and baked goods!

~I am blessed to have a Christmas Tree in my house to have presents around.

~I am  blessed to have food to last me and my family over Winter Break .

~I am blessed to have gotten the opportunity to volunteer and bring food to families less fortunate

~MOST OF ALL I am blessed that Jesus has died for me and that I have comfort in knowing Jesus is always by my side and I dont have to fear or worry!

I have so many more blessings but those are some I wanted to share with you! Your challenge is to write a list of some of the many things God has blessed you with this holiday season!More reviews and New Years post coming soon! Thanks to all my followers for supporting me:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Worried About Nothing:)

      Have you ever been stressed, worried, scared, or even depressed? Most all of us have felt at least one of these feelings at some point in their life. Some of us, including myself, get caught up in the moment and forget that the Lord is here for us through everything and today I am going to share what I have learned from a church service about a week ago that has helped me cope with my feelings. 

     Here are some key details that definitely helped me realize how God is in control of my life and that by putting my trust in him I will feel better:)

❤The lord says not to be afraid because miracles can happen:)

❤God is trustworthy in your darkest hour- this means that no matter what life throws at you God will be standing right beside you. When it seems like all your friends or people you love have turned against you or you feel as if it is the world against you remember this and I'm positive it will make you feel a million times better!

❤God works all things together for our good for those who love him. 

❤ Life is like a snow globe-when you shake it your world goes crazy. But remember god is on the outside of your snow globe

❤Jesus is a better driver than I ever will be:) - This reminds me that I shouldn't try to be better than God but just know that he is greater than I am and he knows what he is doing. Don't try to understand God just trust him and it will turn out right!

❤When all evidence says not to trust God you must still believe that The Lord is trustworthy.

❤God gives us things such as sadness and depression to help us cope with our feelings. This may seem bad in the moment but in the end it just leads us to realize that God is in control and leads you to see that God can help you through any struggle.

❤Jesus is the reason for the season and is there to restore you and forgive your sins. 

❤Jesus takes your burden and gives you his which is a million times lighter than yours!

Challenge❤ Where is it that you still want to control? Work on giving that part of your life to God!

      I hope that this mini devotion helped you and you will remember that you should be worried but let God be in control! I have realized I have done a lot of reviews lately and haven't done as many devotions which is what this blog is for so I will start trying harder to post a devotion for you guys once a week or every two weeks! Love all of you and please tell friends about my blog! Thanks!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Infinity Bracelet Review

Okay everyone! This is seriously like the cutest bracelet ever;)

Seller: the seller was one of the fastest responses ever! I emailed her on tuesday late at night  and she emailed me back by early Wednesday morning and had the bracelet shipped by the weekend! Super great to work with

Bracelet: this bracelet was adorable! I love the infinity sign and the rhinestone and everything was just so perfect! The only minus was that it was a little bit cheaply made and the string that tightens it has already broken. Overall I would recommend this bracelet especially because the holidays are coming so it's great to put on your list or give to others!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Etsy shop link:

Isnt this the cutest thing ever!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Earring Review!

Okay so Alexa sent me these beautiful earrings a little while ago so here's my review

Seller: I just love Alexa so much! She is so fast and great at communication and if you need anything she is on it. They came in the most adorable package with a very cute note and everything was so pretty and nice! It was a joy getting these and even though it has been so long since I have recieved them (sorry!) I still have the amazing packaging and everything:) Alexa is so understanding and patient and I admire her for that. Even when I had forgotten to keep up my end of the deal she was always so sweet and kind about it!

Earrings: These earrings are so beautiful and I loved them. They were a bunch of different colors and went with everything! I honestly love them and would recommend them for ANYONE especially at their inexpensive price. They were high quality and overall 5 out of 5!

Please visit Alexa's shop and consider purchasing something! I promise you won't regret it!

*Picture coming soon!*

Links: Rushing Wildflowers Shop:

Alexa's Blog:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bookmark & Greeting Card Review

This Etsy shop sent me a few book marks and some index card greeting cards in the mail and they contacted me by using  blog sponsor connection through Etsy. She was easy to work with and had very fast shipping. When I received the bookmarks they were nice and fairly well made and well packaged The greeting cards were extremely cute and I recommend this shop a lot! Also they have sales and many cute gift tags and amazing items just in time for the holidays! And what a great inexpensive gift to give to all your friends and family:)
Rating:5 out of 5

I'm so sorry for such a late review!

 I am also so sorry I haven't been blogging at all very often an I thought I scheduled this to post sometime in October and it didn't! Also school,Leadership,Club live, church,bible study, competitive dance, my friends,trips, and my brothers football soccer and baseball have been taking over my life and I've had to push blogging out but I hope to try to keep it up! I'm sorry to say but I just don't have time for another giveaway so all potential sponsors I'm very sorry please forgive me!:( but I love you all and hoped you enjoyed this review! Also whoever is spamming my blog comments with inappropriate links please stop!! This is a Christian blog for teen girls and its very inconsiderate so if you see this please please please don't continue... Thank you:) God loves you and so do I! If I don't blog for a while all my apologies go out to my followers! Another thing I wanted to say is thanks everyone for helping me along all this time and I'm excited to say its been a year of blogging on October 10th ! Blogging helped me out of a very hard time in my life, brought me closer to God, and made me a better writer,faster typer, and given me better computer skills!It has benefited me in so many ways and I'm so blessed to have gotten to know these amazing people from it and have gotten these amazing experiences! Thanks everyone who shouted my blog out,sponsored me, sent me items, emailed me sweet things, designed a button logo or design for me, taught me how to do things to better my blog, followed me or subscribed to me, told a friend about my blog, anything! I will try to keep this going all that can manage even if it gets hard because of you and how much I love it! I will try to post now more often since I got a laptop as an early Christmas present!!! Love each and every one of you with my whole heart!



Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reviews- Sally Hansen, Cover Your Hair

Sally Hansen-

Seller: I contacted Sally hansen company and asked if they could send me something. They quickly repsonded and said yes!! They were very fast at communication and I got the package very soon after their reply. The only negative thing is that when I got the packaged the box was all squished and the inside box was destroyed and ripped. But overall it was awesome working with them! 

I received a kit with wax strips and cooling gel and 3 gem crush nail polishes. The wax strips worked very well and were very easy to use and seemed much cheaper than getting them done professionally. I used them to wax
and shape my eyebrows and they worked so well! I would definitely recommend them. The jewel nail polish worked amazing too. And looked so cute over another nail polish color. 

Overall:4.5 out of 5

 (can get at most Targets, drug stores- CVS,Walgreens,Walmart, and some beauty supply stores)

Cover your hair-

Seller: Cover Your Hair contacted me about sponsoring and might even sponsor a giveaway in the near future(hint hint) They sent the items fast, replied fast, and we're nicely packaged.

Item: I received a purple headband and a double chain headband from Cover Your Hair. The purple headband felt cheap and not very well made.  But the gold one was very well made and would look super cute if you had an outfit to go with it

Overall rating:3.5 out of 5 

  (must buy online, no in store purchases)

Hope you like the review:) and will check out these 2  companies along with many others I have been reviewing:) And I'm preparing for a giveaway very soon. Thanks and welcome my new followers:) I love you all:):)



Sunday, August 19, 2012

Super Cute Vintage Headset

Whatsup girlies,

So I found the cutest "headphones" or headset ever!! Its made for an iPhone but it will work on any headphone jack:) Theres more info on all that on the website link you can buy them from: Plus they are only $14!!! This is not a review and I don't even have this product I just thought it was a super cute idea:) Here are some pics of it

Aren't they cute:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, Alexa is having a giveaway at her blog so check that out!!

With love


Friday, August 17, 2012

Crafty-ness/ Organization- Pinterest

Hey everyone,

So Ive been incredibly crafty lately and I wanted to share with you some fun crafts,stuff from Pinterest, and stuff I have been doing that is crafty:)

Nail stuff:

-Polka Dot Perfector
Wanna make the perfect nail polka dots without buying an expensive tool? Heres how!

-DIY Glitter nail polish

Cork board-

This is such a cool idea where you take a picture frame and glue corks on it to make your own cork board I loved the idea and I am in the process of collecting corks now!

Crayon Art-
I have done this craft once and it turned out really well. You hot glue crayon on a canvas and then with a blow dryer they melt and give this cool effect! You can also arrange the crayons in a straight line instead of a circle!

Genius Idea-

I hate those blown flip flops well heres how to save them!

Hair Organization:

-Holding your bobby pins in an empty Tic Tac container works so well! Thats how I store mine and it works amazing!

-Carrying you rubber bands on a carribeaner is a great idea too since I always lose mine

-Painting bobby pins with nail polish looks so easy and fun and not to mention ahhhhdorable

-Using air freshener to clear off all the extra dried marker off your whiteboard is a great idea and it really works but you might want to have a paper towel too wipe everything off afterwards:)

-Glitter+Modge Podge+Charger= YES!

-Adding saline solution to mascara is something I really want to try since I have so many dried up mascaras!

-DIY spray paint with paint,water, and a spray bottle

-DIY rug with poster board covered in duct tape and yarn taped down to the poster board! Super cute!

-Great for scrapbookers with lotsa ribbon with no place to store it!

-Perfect charging solution to all those devices!

-Cute for laundry rooms and rooms with small or no closets:)

-Taking a clear iPhone case and putting scrapbook paper in it to create custom cases for cheap:)

-Using a clear magazine holder to store something inside a cabinet

-I don't know how to do this but somebody who can please make me one!? Haha they are so cute!!


Also I entered a photo challenge of a picture I took out my car window at Alexas blog Shine Your Glory Down:) PLease vote for me!!! . And while your there go ahead and follow her beautiful blog:)

Thanks everyone


Monday, August 13, 2012

Fresh New Start (shout out to Britt!!!)

Hey everyone

How did you like my few weeks of reviews? Due to all these amazing sponsors Ive been so blessed to be able to review these products for you and I hope you will check all these shops out. Has anyone noticed something a little different about my blog? Hmm maybe a totally new blog design by the Amazing Britt. This girl is the best for designing she was lighting fast at making stuff amazing at communicating and designed everything lovely. I can't even put into words how amazing it was to work with her she was so kind and loving and showed me what a good giving Christian girl looks like. I would totally recommend Britt if anybody needs a design! Also, please follow her blog its amazing too! The link is on my sidebar where it says "This blog was designed by Britt" So thanks a ton for her. I really want to expand my blog this new school year into more fashion,nail,hair,makeup,crafting,recipes and of course even more reviews,devos,photography,giveaways and other fun things. I am planning another giveaway right this moment actually so again if you want to sponsor one than please contact me at! There is more info in the Sponsorship tab of my blog. Also I am trying to get more followers:) So if anyone can give me shootouts,email friends,tell people about my blog and just all work together to have some fun stuff coming up and get Gods word out even more! So please help me out with that. Also Ive noticed I have some readers that aren't following me but still read my blog so make sure you subscribe through Google Friend Connect all you need is a gmail or google account:) The only reason having more followers is better is so we can do some fun giveaways and stuff because big companies like to sponsor giveaways with bloggers with lots of followers so we can hopefully do some of that good stuff coming up!Thanks to all my wonderful 31 followers now you are all amazing! So heres to a fresh new start for the new school year with a new design,new posts, and new fun exciting challenges and experiences in our faith as another chapter of our life comes up!

I love you all and so does God remember through the busy school year to keep doing your devotions and read the Bible! And memorize verses! I have a post about memorizing verses that will really help so make sure to search for that on my blog for some help on that.

Lov ya,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sweet Pea Athletics Dance Shorts Review

Hey girlies

Due to my generous sponsors I have yet another review for you. These super cute spankies that are perfect for dance,cheer,gymnastics, or other sports

Seller Communication:

The seller was amazing to work with she always responded at lightning speed to me and was just awesome at communicating. The shorts machine broke so it took a little while but I didn't mind at all it wasn't her fault things like this happen but the seller told me updates on when they were going to be in and everything and I loved that about her. When the shorts came they were nicely packaged and super adorable. She sent me these free of charge but if you were to pay for them they were an excellent price

Rating:5 out of 5


The shorts are great they are multi colored and sparkly, well made, and what I like is that it goes with every color!:) They fit good and as you can see by the picture I layered them with some purple booty shorts just to be covered up when I do my leg lifts,splits,ect. in dance. When I wore them to class I paired tim with a green and blue layered sports bra and a sparkly leg warmer and got lots of compliments

Rating: 5 out of 5

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

A perfect rating wow thats hard to do but these shorts and seller were really as close as it comes to perfect:) - Etsy link to get your own shorts

Bottom line: I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THESE! Especially for a dancer,cheerleader,or gymnast go over to Sweet Pea Athletics and get your today


My outfit

Perfect stretchy material for flexibility tricks

Close up of the shorts from Sweet Pea Athletics Etsy Shop:)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Girl Props Review

Hey everyone,

Hope you like all my reviews lately and have been purchasing some super cute stuff from these shops just in time for back to school. Heres another place you might want to check out!

Seller Communication:
I contacted Girl Props jewelry and they told me I can pick out around $20 of merchandise in return for this review. All of their stuff was so cute and like super inexpensive. It was such amazing prices and so many cute items at first I was overwhelmed but I finally picked around 25 pairs of earrings out 3 big pairs and the rest were studs. They shipped super fast I think it was within like 3 days and everything was nicely packaged. They had wonderful communication and overall were a joy to work with.

Rating: 5 out of 5

The jewelry came and it is all super cute and overall pretty well made. The studs instead of medal though were cheap plastic which I didn't like because you can't even put them in your ear but the other pairs of earrings I got were super cute. The leopard pair I received was a lot bigger than in the picture so that surprised me but overall everything was adorable

Item Rating:3 out of 5

Overall Rating:4 out of 5

Leopard Earrings

My personal favorite the LOVE earrings

Cute studs but cheaply made

ADORBS peacock earrings

Lov ya


Friday, August 3, 2012

Sign Review

Hey everyone,
I just got the cutest sign to stick on my door that is zebra and says Ashley so Im going to review it for you all

Seller communication:
This was an international transaction so yes it took a while to get here, when it did I had received the wrong sign but the seller was so kind about it and had the right sign shipped to me all the way from Brazil. It did take a while but was well worth it. The seller was fast at communication and super kind

Rating:3.5 out of 5

Item quality:

The item is a medium sized sign with my name on it and a zebra border. It has four double sided tape square on each corner so all you have to do is peel and stick. It was well made and super cute great for any room and I love it on my door!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Lov ya,